Monday, October 23, 2017: New York City: From Broadway, to the business world, to rock and roll, their goal is to “change the culture” to help end bullying and cyberbullying!

At the Dream Downtown Hotel in New York City, STOMP Out Bullying, the leading anti-bullying organization for kids and teens in the United States, hosted its 12th Anniversary celebration which brought together celebrities, business leaders, and supporters with a common goal: End Bullying!

As part of the effort to recognize and support the organization’s progress to eliminate bullying, Grammy Award winning recording artist Sheryl Crow performed at a concert in Los Angeles the same night to benefit STOMP Out Bullying. Ms. Crow taped a video message for the reception audience.  

“Where bullying is concerned, I think a lot of kids feel like they are completely alone and music has always been that thing that has really defined who we are and given us a safe place a lot of times. I wrote this song called ‘Be Myself’ and it wound up being such an important song to me that I wound up calling my whole album Be Myself. It really is a song addressing being our authentic selves and not putting up with bullying, not putting up with anyone belittling us and just the idea that it's a great thing to be who you are” said the three-time Grammy award winner at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. “Reporting it, is the first mechanism for trying to stomp it out. Finding someone to talk to, you know the STOMP Out Bullying campaign has hotlines, it has people that want to talk to those that are on the receiving end of bullying to help them navigate through this,” said Crow who also went on to say, “I think the only way to change the culture is to open up the dialogue. Teach our children, set up guidelines, give them safe places they can go to discuss what’s happening to them...and letting everyone know that there is help out there.”

Among the STOMP Out Bullying honorees this year included the cast of the Tony Award winning Broadway hit musical Dear Evan Hansen -  a play which aims to empower teens.

“From our beginning, we have always been an organization for kindness.  The types of problems have changed over the years, but our passion for civility, diversity and equality has never wavered,” said Ross Ellis, CEO and Founder of STOMP Out Bullying.  “We work side by side with so many influential people, including the ones we are honoring today so that youth may stand tall and be respected, schools are more inclusive, communities have more equality, and we can give voice to the voiceless and empower the fearful to be fearless in our collective pursuit.”

Also cited were David Hashmall, Chairman of the international law firm Goodwin, and Empire State Realty Trust for their continued efforts and contribution in raising awareness on the issues of diversity, equality and inclusion.

“Diversity and inclusion are paramount for any organization that aspires to excellence,” said David Hashmall, Chairman of Goodwin. “Whether in school, at work, or around the neighborhood, great things happen when we join together, honor differences and celebrate unique perspectives. Bullying is a scourge and a barrier to that progress. Ross and her team at STOMP Out Bullying are addressing this head on, with focus and urgency. Our support is critical.”

The STOMP Out Bullying 12th Anniversary Reception raised important funding for its various programs and initiatives.

STOMP Out Bullying Fast Facts:

  • STOMP Out Bullying has helped over 5 million students resolve bullying and cyberbullying situations

  • The STOMP Out Bullying HelpChat Line has assisted over 100,000 students and saved over 2,000 lives

  • October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month: 1 out of 4 kids are bullied.

  • Over one third of U.S. Students were cyberbullied last year

  • 9 out of 10 LGBTQ students are harassed every day

  • Over 5.4 million kids stay home from school every day for fear of being bullied

  • STOMP Out Bullying works to reduce and prevent bullying, cyberbullying, digital abuse and educates against racism, hatred, homophobia, LGBTQ discrimination and violence in schools and online

  • STOMP Out Bullying promotes civility, inclusion and equality.

  • STOMP Out Bullying teaches effective solutions on how to respond to all forms of bullying, as well as educating kids and teens in school and online.

  • STOMP Out Bullying provides help for those in need and at risk of suicide

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