Explore Impact of Pollution on the Ecosystem and

How To Reverse Adverse Effects on Wildlife, Fish, Butterflies, More!

  • Black Women’s Agenda, Inc. Launches third “Inform & Inspire” Workshop in Baltimore

  • Local Area Middle school girls about wildlife and climate change with hands-on activities!

  • The girls learn about STEM careers with the Career Wheel of Fortune 

WHODr. Mamie Parker, Former Assistant Director and Head of Fisheries,

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Jalonne White-Newsome, Federal Policy Analyst,

WE ACT for Environmental Justice

40-50 middle school girls

WHEN:   Saturday, May 2, 2015

11:15 AM through 12:15 AM (EST)

(TV News and Interview Opportunity)

(Visuals:  Kids making Monarch Butterflies and conducting water pollution experiments)

WHERE:  Morgan State University,

Baltimore, Maryland, 21251

Banneker Hall, Room 112

WHAT:   Dozens of Baltimore middle school girls will take part in a hands-on exploration of the threat climate change and pollution pose to pollinators, fish, wildlife and potentially humans, and take proactive steps to improve the environment during “Inform & Inspire: An Introduction to the Science of Climate Change” workshop hosted by The Black Women’s Agenda, Inc. (BWA).

Pollinators such as butterflies, bees and birds affect 35 percent of the world’s crop production. Led by distinguished women scientists, U.S. Fish & Wildlife experts, conservationists and environmentalists, participants will make paper Monarch butterflies, one of nature’s most beautiful pollinators, chart their migration, and discuss how climate change has played a key role in a near 90% decline  in the butterfly’s population over the past two decades.

  • The girls will learn what they steps they can take to help reverse the decline, including pitch pollinator balls that will help spur the growth of milkweed, the Monarch butterfly’s   food of choice.

  • Participants will put their personal stamp on Mason Bee Nest Kits that will be placed in the Potomac River refuge

  • They will conduct experiments that will highlight the adverse impact of climate change and pollution on fish and other sea life.

  • They will also consider what they can do as individuals and leaders in their communities to reduce the impact of climate change and spin the “Bright Futures Wheel of Fortune” to    investigate non-traditional STEM careers.



  • In February, the Obama administration committed $3.2 million to help save the Monarch Butterfly

  • The World Wildlife Federation reported that the entire hibernating population of Monarch Butterflies in the 2013-2014 season declined by 44% from the year before. Reports indicate that the population has decreased by an estimated 90% over the past two decades

  • According to a new study by the National Resources Defense Council and Defenders of Wildlife, global warming is likely to spur the disappearance of trout and salmon from as much as 38% of their current habitat by the year 2090. 


  • Importance of teaching and encouraging girls to make a difference in the environment and the world.

  • Understanding that the world is in need of efforts to help preserve and prevent further harm to the environments’ wildlife and climates.