Monday, April 4, 2016 - Plano, Texas - Toyota Connected, Inc., (TCI) is a major new venture that will centralize much of Toyota’s work on telematics, data analytics, and network security services.The new company, a joint venture with Microsoft, will serve as a data science hub for Toyota’s global operations and will support a broad range of consumer-, business- and government facing initiatives.

The launch of Toyota Connected builds on Toyota’s global vision of a future of mobility that is clean, safe and convenient. The company will leverage the power of data science to develop predictive, contextual, and intuitive services that help to humanize the driving experience while pushing the technology into the background.

Based in Plano, TX, Toyota Connected will launch with two mandates: delivering seamless and contextual services, and using cutting-edge data analytics to support product development for customers, dealers, distributors, and partners. In support of these goals, the new company will consolidate Toyota initiatives in data center management, data analytics, and data driven services development.

In addition, the new company builds on Toyota’s existing partnerships with Microsoft to accelerate R&D efforts. Dedicated Microsoft engineers will work on-site, providing continuous support across technology areas and leveraging a broad range of data analytics and mobile programs.

Toyota will launch Toyota Connected, Inc. to significantly expand the company’s capabilities in the fields of data management and services development. The new company, a joint venture with Microsoft, will serve as a data science hub for Toyota’s global operations and will support a broad range of consumer, business- and government facing initiatives.

Technology:  The structure will allow Toyota Connected to centralize company initiatives across a broad range of emerging technology fields, ensuring that the common focus of all of them is the customer.

Program areas will include in-car services and telematics; home/IoT connectivity; personalization; health and safety; smart city integration; and a broad range data services for Toyota affiliates, its dealers; fleet services and more.

New Technology Example: Facial recognition that scans the vehicle owner’s hands and realizes they are carrying luggage and this prompts the rear hatch to open.

TCI Select Quick Facts:

  • Toyota Connected is an innovative new company established to support Toyota globally, as it drives toward a future that is a true mobility society.

  • Based in Plano Texas, TC will employ top tier talent and industry leading solutions in the fields of data management, data analytics and service development.

  • TC will work in a variety of data related fields supporting almost every aspect of the Toyota company, including design, manufacturing, sales, dealer operations and even for Toyota Research Institute, Toyota’s AI research company.

  • Toyota Connected is the cornerstone that will provide data driven services to support our customers, our dealers, and society at large.

  • TCI plans to enable different types of personalized services. For example, when a vehicle gets a check engine light, our systems generate a health report. Our services matches shared personal schedule to available spaces at the dealer, the customer is offered a service appointment he can make in the vehicle’s head unit.

  • “Contextual” driving experience is a vehicle cockpit experience where the onboard systems contextually anticipates the needs of the user based on their interaction with digital and physical controls of the vehicle. The contextual experiences are driven by data.

  • Intelligent data-driven safety services can provide customers safer driving experiences by communicating between vehicle to cloud and cloud to vehicle. For example, advanced driving assistance systems uses cloud data transmitted from other vehicles to provide road warning signals from other vehicles on the same road.

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