Chattanooga, Tenn. (Thursday, 14 January 2016) — Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Mueller concluded his initial visit to the United States in his new role by touring the company’s Chattanooga factory and addressing the employees.

Mueller discussed a variety of topics from the challenge the company faces with the diesel issue, to the successful launch of the updated Chattanooga-built Passat that recently arrived in Volkswagen dealerships across the county.

Mr. Mueller met with plant management and was later given a tour of the factory expansion construction site. The expansion will accommodate a second line in the plant to build a midsize seven seat SUV. 

His principle purpose was to reiterate the importance of success in the United States for Volkswagen and the role the Chattanooga plant plays in that effort.

“The midsize SUV will be crucial for Volkswagen’s future in America,” Mr. Mueller said to the Chattanooga plant workers. “It’s going to be a great car that embodies everything you can expect of a Volkswagen. Today, I ask you to do all you can to make this a big success and please help demonstrate that this team—that Volkswagen—deserves the trust of our customers, partners and the American public,” he said.

Volkswagen Chattanooga CEO Christian Koch congratulated the workforce on the successful launch of the updated Passat and said that it was important to apply the lessons learned from the Passat ramp-up to the BSUV, because it will be a bigger challenge as the second line is integrated with the first.

Mr. Mueller concluded by assuring the workers that, “we are proud of you all and our factory. Volkswagen firmly stands by the planned $900 million investment in the new midsize SUV, a car that will create another 2,000 jobs.”

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